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Martin kindly allowed me to use his laptop, so I can explain how I got here, and what happened to me. apparently I am suffering from a mental illness of some kind. Es, and like all my friends, hated every single subject I did. I scorned the moment I looked at them again, except I knew this would be the last time I'd have to look at them. I was kind of excited, it looked like a computer game that the previous house owners had left behind. Now that I have written this story, I urge everybody to watch out. So I found the books exactly where I left them a few months back (or dumped, more like) in a corner that was so old, there was enough dust to make a candy floss (cotton-candy). There were no words of any kind, even when I turned it over on the other side, sod all. I just want to build the anticipation I want you to be almost begging because you know how much you’ll like it and enjoy it so much mmore when I finally let you have it Her: ok..continue.. You gasp It makes you feel safe I put my other hand behind your head and grab a fistful of your hair. Still wearing your dress I slap your butt, playfully then squeeze it in my hand Her: you are so naughty.. Impatient finally, I lift up your dress and standing behind you, I slide inside of you you feel my hard cock gradually pushing into you, invading you you gasp your legs tremble a little and your knees buckle briefly I push all the way in until you can feel my hips pushing against your butt, pushing you forwards against the side of the sofa you feel completely full then I just wait. Letting you enjoy the feeling of me inside you good so far? Me: haha, you’re probably on the internet now buying a flight to London for tonight, so you can jump onto me 😛 Her: I think I’ll jump on you as soon as I get London 😉 Me: I certainly won’t stop you 😉 Ok, so where were we? you should know 😉 Me: I want you to say it Her: ok.. Me: So, after a while I start fucking you Slowly at first, in and out Letting you feel the sensation of me pushing into you, over and over again. Me: what are you thinking (in the story) Her: what I am thinking… Her: …I think.being a source of pleasure for you will give me the biggest pleasure…( not sure if I explained clear..) Me: I understand I like that So, you are bent over my sofa. I wasn't sure what to make of it at first, but it seemed to linger there for half a minute. The final message that he gave me, which lost me my sanity and ruined my health was: "LOOK BEHIND YOU." I remember feeling as if everything around me was slowing down. Part of me knew that there would be something behind, and a smaller part tried to assure me that there was nothing there. I spat out a weak laughter, and nodded my head in relief, and I felt like everything was safe again. I must have seen it the moment I swiveled my chair, but it caught me anyway. His hair was blonde, and he seemed to be in his mid-twenties, but his facial expression was the exact opposite of friendly, his eyes were crimson red.

You want to get all of the LMR out of the way, all of the hurdles cleared, before you meet again. 🙂 0 Me: Your dress will be coming off quite quickly, so start with that Her: ok.. But also, it makes you feel more sexy I grab both of your arms. Then, the screen went black for a brief moment, and flashed. Then, what appeared to be a white text box opened up in the centre. " I cracked up again; whoever made this must have done an impressive job. And then, to my surprise, he typed another message: "You don't understand? My sisters, whom I hated, met with a tragic accident." I was starting to feel cold. This must have been a psycho chatbot, or something. I typed in, to see his reaction: "Do you know what else my brothers have done, lately? And then, I was met with the biggest surprise of all. I got another message, and by this time I was sure to be hallucinating by now. I shut my eyes, and clenched my teeth violently together, then shot my head back like a bullet. I only saw it for a nanosecond of a nanosecond, but that was all I could take. The words "Welcome to CHATROOM 98" appeared at the top centre of the screen. I didn't know what to type, so I randomly put: "Hello." I didn't expect any kind of response but then I got one. I typed in, "Yes, they are actually alien pedophiles, who prey on human children. " I didn't know what the fuck he was saying, but the poignant detail of his description startled me for a second. Darwyn Clarke responded again, only this time: I could see his message being typed, like a ticker tape typewriter. "YOU HAVE NOT HEARD EVERYTHING YET." I scrambled at the keyboard, I was losing my mind. After that, apparently I screamed violently, and then fell unconscious for 4 hours. Then you break, and grab me passionately, kissing hard rubbing yourself against my hand Her: then.. kissing you all over, slowly..enjoying every millimeter of you..(sorry for my spelling 🙂 ) Me: So, what are you thinking now? To feel the pleasure, to feel the satisfaction of my temporary loss of control a loss of control that only you can create (in reality, I’d cum inside you, but this is imagination so I’m gonna be a bit wilder, ok? You are leaning over the sofa I spend a little while admiring your figure I like to enjoy the visual image of you, with your long legs, firm butt, and the curve in your lower back I run my hand down your legs, from the hip to your ankles then back up again I’m thinking “I want this girl” Her: as I am longing for your skin, body.. I’m going to let you draw me into orgasm You start pushing into me with every thrust Biting my shoulder, scratching my back instinctively trying to make me cum.

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And do NOT, I repeat, do NOT go looking for Darwyn Clarke.