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Speed dating events boulder co

Victor Smetacek, Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research, Germany The Earth's carbon cycle, pushed way off balance by humankind, is teetering dangerously.The excess CO2 already in the atmosphere, equivalent to 200 billion tonnes of carbon - a third of the entire land vegetation - will stay for millennia and continue to shrink planetary ice stores: ways need to be devised and implemented to remove as much as possible, even while emissions add to the burden.This is why Jim Lovelock and I have been encouraging thought and exploration of means to "help the Earth help itself"; i.e.by amplifying carbon sequestration processes that the Earth already practises – in the ocean and on land.My answer to two of your [survey's] questions is 'don't know' as I cannot predict the future.

Professor Chris Rapley, director of the Science Museum, London I am not enthusiastic about geo-engineering, as to intervene on a massive scale in the Earth's climate system will certainly have unforeseen consequences, some of which could be as regrettable as the problem the intervention was designed to address in the first place.To achieve this would require cuts of 6% per year starting in 2010, and enabling a global cut of 80% by 2050.There is now a real danger of allowing temperature to rise beyond our capacity to adapt.I disagree that geoengineering the climate is a dangerous distraction and I disagree that on no account should it ever be considered.I strongly agree that we now need a "plan B" where a geoengineering strategy is drawn up in parallel with other measures to curb CO2 emissions.

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Professor Stephen Salter, school of engineering, University of Edinburgh After many years trying to develop renewable energy I now believe that we are too late and so I am working on the engineering of John Latham's idea for enhancing cloud albedo.

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