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When a man makes you a gift — the agency will pay you money instead of the gift.It is also possible to have meetings with men in restaurants shopping on his account, all meetings are only with our translators!According to a post in The Economist from March 2015, IMF expects unemployment rates in Ukraine “to hit 11.5% this year (up from 7.3% in 2013).” Expect more ingenious PPL ventures to pop up, where some girls pose as “brides” and others type nights through, creating fantasies for foreign grooms.(Having a fantasy is a compulsory job requirement — no kidding.)Are letter-writers happy?(Click to enlarge the screenshots.)Description of the vacancy: Unmarried women of attractive appearance 18-40 years old are required for a foreign marriage agency (countries of post-USSR cannot access listings on the site).Instead of you translators will be corresponding with men.

New “translators” are easy to find, since no knowledge of English is actually required, some ads claim, and the use of online translators is encouraged.If you are afraid that your data could be used without your knowledge, I inform you that to register you we need to shoot a video greeting with you and sign an agreement.The photo of the passport could be made from a copy machine or crossing it over in Photoshop and writing the word “Copy” (we only need your data for checking).The income promised by the ads is potentially achievable only for 1-2% of top earners.However, the lack of real jobs make these offers sound reasonable, with some people using PPL commissions to complement their income from day vocations.

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