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Lucy says: “I was born with incontinentia pigmenti. It means the backs of your eyes bleed and bleed until the retina begins to detach.

It’s a rare condition that is passed down the female line. “It was spotted at a routine eye check when I was eight and when I was 11 I lost the sight in my right eye, which had always been the stronger one.

They started dating, and Ollie made clear he wanted to understand the world from Lucy’s point of view.

I knew I wasn’t going anywhere.” Lucy says: “I think I knew that deep down too. He took it so well, considering we were both so young.

He’d never cry in front of me or show he was upset.

I explained all about my condition – that it was genetic, but one day stem-cell research could find a cure.

“He just said, ‘Well, I’ll dump you if you go blind. Imagine what that did for my insecurities.” But two years later Lucy met Ollie Cave, who went to the same youth theatre she did.

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The charity recently joined forces with dating site to hold a “Love is Blind” dating event in which blind singles enjoyed salsa dancing lessons with sighted partners wearing blindfolds.