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“It was really cold, and it was out in a remote area,” remembers Detective Julissa Trapp, who got called to the scene around four a.m. Millions of people visit the suburb — the de facto capital of Orange County — every year. “Everybody was convinced it was some kind of accident,” Trapp says. Anaheim PD pulled the records and soon the dead man had a name: Yeon Woo Lee. Trapp looked into his background and found that he’d visited Anaheim before. Rental car records showed the name of the motel where he was staying. So are the American League’s Angels, and the NHL’s Ducks.

I used to date a girl (older than me) who would always tell me about how she had just balanced some multi-million dollar budget, or how she was in the throes of closing an important project. Women who try to attract men by being successful are like men who try to attract women by being sweet or gentle.

“He knew exactly what I was talking about.” She asked again: “How many times did you shoot Mr. “[Lee] always wanted to win,” said Hong, who flew from Korea to testify for the defense at Cho’s trial. Sometimes he was manipulated by others very easily. He doesn’t know how to say no to other people.” He added that Lee was more of a leader, and that Cho would do whatever Lee said.

Lee and Cho carried the gifts at each other’s weddings — the Korean equivalent to being a best man.

Likewise it is men, not women, who find gentleness attractive, because it is a symptom of openness, receptiveness, nuturing ability - feminine qualities.

I got bored when the girl I was dating talked about work in the same way that women get turned off when a man starts smothering them with flowers and gifts, or constantly apologizes unnesessarily.

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This might seem harsh, and it is perhaps slightly hyperbolic; after all, it is fairly interesting to know that a girl is successful at her job, or that she works with someone famous - and an award is always impressive.