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Downloading "Simple Software" is necessary to interact in the site's chat rooms.The website will prompt users to download the free software when registering for membership.thanks, tom I have not been a active member of the nfb for a long time, many reasons why may think about it and get envolved again, i do well and i evin cook i write music and mostly gospel and country and i play guitar and sing and pedal steel and am a retired musician, no more clubs work.i credit the nfb for doing all that it has done, i know they mean well and try hard.

maby 1 or 2 yahoo groups are dating groups but thin most people do not bother with those group anymore.

Users need a microphone and a sound card to interact on this website.

Users create a screen name and password upon registration.

but thin the question is, people do not tell the truth, someone may say they are blind or a partial and may not be.

so probly that is why there are dating sites which are for the disabled and the blind are welcome.

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