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Virgo men and dating

Yes, he’s a Virgo and all in his head analyzing everything he possibly can to make sure all his ducks are in a row.

If the house is not smelling like bleach, chlorine, ammonia and his favorite scent of Fabreeze, it’s time for a good spring cleaning and he won’t waste a moment righting things to restore his pure, unadulterated environment.The Virgo man will want to drink plenty of water and to consume enough soluble fiber to get the digestive tract in good working order.An extreme Virgo, wanting the body to remain untainted, pure, unadulterated and a pinnacle of health may put a heavy focus on living healthy.It is the latter type of Virgo that would be perfect for staging homes for real estate sellers.Then we have the Virgo of the truest extreme, one who wants their world pure, untainted, unmarred, spotless, and perfect.

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However, you may have trouble trying to figure out how the Virgo man organizes his life because it can seem chaotic outwardly, but it is with a closer look you recognize the sheer genius of his organization tactics.

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