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Updating british passport

Although a British Overseas Territory it does not come under European Community (EC laws) and Bermudians are not both British and EU citizens.

Britons who are not also Bermudians have none of the rights that Bermudians in the UK now have if they apply for UK passports.Bermuda has chosen not to be treated as one of the Overseas Countries and Territories (OCT) of the European Union (EU).In one respect, while Bermuda may be deemed an OCT because it is placed on Annex II of the EC Treaty (and on a similar annex to the EU Constitution), it does not fall under the scope of the OCT Decisions that the Council takes.Government House has direct responsibility for the operational side of Policing with the Police Commissioner reporting directly to the Governor, while budgeting and manpower is Governments responsibility.Paid for by Bermuda - not British - taxpayers and coming under Bermuda - not British - laws.

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The last of the latter type was David Waddington, Baroness Thatcher's last home secretary who as Lord Waddington was governor from 1992 until 1997.