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Www internetdatingtales com

They are the focus of the story, but we do get to meet several of the other students in their Iron Year... I agree with Flo that the story definitely has a Harry Potter feel to it with the magic, a special school, and the focus on two male and one female characters. Chaos wants to devour." They must learn to master and control these elements as part of their training.

The characters must use the elements of nature as their source of magic. There were several surprise revelations the last third of the book that I never would have anticipated.

I didn't like that the parents didn't know where they were going.I could see that being the case so that the reader will come to expect certain things to happen and then be completely wrong and surprised with what actually happens.This definitely happened to me several times in the story! I've always loved Cassie's writing and Holly's writing, and this book did not disappoint.It has a very Harry Potter-ish type feel, as the first year students are separated into groups with different masters, and especially with the setting and the food.

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They are taught early on that..."Fire wants to burn. We discover that a few of the characters are more than they appear.