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Who is billy duffy dating

He insisted that he had work to do, but she requested some of his time for something important.

She assumed that she'd scared him when she'd told him that she loved him, and he conceded that he'd needed a second to catch up, but he had.

At Crimson Lights, Nick offered to pay for Devon's coffee if Devon admitted to winning the bid on Chancellor Park.

Devon insisted that he hadn't, but the good news was that Victor wouldn't be putting up condos there.

Mariah pledged a cone of silence or a sister swear, but Faith quietly stated that she wasn't a little kid anymore, and she requested that Mariah not treat her like one.

Mariah and Faith headed out to get started, and Sharon reiterated that she and Scott needed to talk.

Chelsea admitted that she'd been worried when she'd believed Victor had been involved, and she regretted that she hadn't blown off work to be there.

She praised him for giving people something to care about, and he vowed to keep at it until the park was safe from developers. At Crimson Lights, Scott finished a call, and Sharon grumbled that his last five calls hadn't been able to wait.

Sharon figured that she'd obviously made a mistake if Scott wouldn't make time to talk, but he tucked his phone into his pocket.

She suspected that talking was like torture for him, which worried her even more.

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Sharon confessed that she'd turned it off because he'd been avoiding her by waking up early to sneak out of the house, and she refused to let him do it again.