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The resources have always been, and will remain, the property of the college.It is each user’s responsibility to promptly report any violation of this policy to the IT director.Court-ordered compensation may include damages such as lost profits from the infringing activity or statutory damages ranging from 0 to 0,000 plus attorney fees for each infringing copy.Even higher damages may be awarded if the court feels that the infringement was committed “willfully.” The unauthorized use of resources is prohibited and, in many cases, may be violations of the law.

The Board agrees that the provisions of this Policy statement shall be applied equally to all employees without discrimination as to race, creed, religion, color, national origin, disability, sex, sexual orientation, age, height- weight ratio, marital status, organizational affiliation, or political affiliation.

The law entitles a plaintiff to seek statutory damages of 0,000 for each act of willful infringement.

In the cases filed by the riaa against students at Princeton, rpi, and Michigan Tech, the recording industry sued for damages of 0,000 for each recording infringed.

While the College desires to maintain user privacy and avoid the unnecessary interruption of user activities, the College, at the direction of the College President, reserves the right to investigate any suspected unauthorized or improper use of College resources (as described above).

As directed by the College President, investigations may be initiated which could include the inspection of data stored or transmitted on the network.

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Reports of unauthorized use or misuse of computer resources will be investigated pursuant to standard college procedures.

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