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Posted by / 31-Jan-2018 18:01

Oh and one more thing – what do you think about having daytime sex with your fuck buddy?

It’s something I’ve never done before but my schedule over the next couple of weeks may call for just that and I’m not sure if it’s entirely appropriate or not.

But is there more to a fuck buddy than the desire to have sex with each other?

It sounds simple and too good to be true and the truth is, it can be sometimes, although it shouldn’t have to be.

There's a big difference between knowing about someone, even thinking highly of them as a person and wanting to be their partner...

I can’t really stay in a stable relationship but I have a very healthy sex drive and I have no problem holding onto someone’s number knowing that I can call them up whenever I want for some good old fashioned fucking.

I’m not really into one-night-stands (or at least not frequently) because I like to know for certain that the person I’m sleeping with is not a lunatic.

Why have rules when they're completely unnecessary? They simply tell you how you should act - which at least sometimes, will be diametrically opposed to how you WANT to act.

And when you take this into consideration, you're only hurting yourself, and all for nothing!

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With rule 12, I highly doubt this is ever going to be enforceable. However I have always had a problem with the girl spilling the beans to everyone.

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